Does Archiving occur before a message is Spooled or after message is successfully processed & routed out of the Spool? Pertaining to using RAMDisk
Question asked by Seph Parshall - 12/29/2015 at 2:53 PM
I would like to use RAMDisk for my spooling folders, but I want to know when archiving takes place in relation to spooling. Are messages archived before or after they are processed in the Spool? If they are archived before spooling, then I would feel more confident that if I am using RAMDisk and there is a hard shutdown of the server, then I could possibly retrieve messages from the Archive.
I would assume that if an incoming message is still in the Spool and does not get properly processed, then the sending server would interpret as a failed sent message and would try again. But if my user is sending out a message (outgoing) and my server is shut off or fails, then I may want to retrieve the message from the Archive since the Spool would be empty after the server restarts and since RAMDisk would not save data on a hard shutdown.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Seph! Unfortunately, I can't offer any feedback pertaining to its use with RAMDisk, since that goes a bit beyond my technical knowledge. However, I did find this information in the Message Archiving online help document that may be help answer your question: 
"When archiving is set up for a domain (or for all domains), messages are automatically archived as soon as they hit the spool and before they are handled by any spam and/or content filters. This means that all messages are archived, not simply those that are delivered to a user's mailbox."

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


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