Searching in logs (with enabled displaying related traffic) gives results which are not related to search string
Problem reported by Webio - 12/28/2015 at 2:20 AM
does someone noticed that in at least version 14.4.5801 searching in logs with enabled option for displaying related traffic SM is returning traffic not related to search string? Looking for string:
returns also other entries with address other than MAIL FROM:<SOMEREALEMAILADDRESS>

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Scarab Replied
Out of curiosity, under SETTINGS > LOG SETTINGS do you have "Compress Log Files After X Days" enabled? If so, when using a search string in VIEW LOGS are you using a date range that >= X Days? I've noticed the same problem since the Compress Log Files function was added to SmarterMail (a couple major versions ago) and only seems to happen when SmarterMail is parsing Logs in .ZIP format.
Webio Replied
Yes. I'm using log compression and probably I was searching in zipped files too.

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