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Idea shared by Brett Humphries - December 4, 2015 at 7:22 AM
I have gotten a lot of feedback from our users that it would be helpful to be able to change the view in webmail. Specifically, the ability to view messages in a conversation format.
Much the way the iPhone or Gmail handles the inbox. Instead of seeing 18 different messages at the inbox level, there's only the most recent, but upon clicking on that message, all related messages in that thread are available.

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Brett, this is a good suggestion. As you mentioned, many users are familiar with Gmail and get used to the conversation view. You might want to change the subject of your post above to "Conversation View" to attract more votes.
Will this be something that gets added to version 16?
Personally I do not like the conversation view, but it sounds like a feature that some would welcome.
Let's add to this request a user setting to turn it on/off, similar to Gmail.
I am wondering if there was anymore thought about the Conversation view for SM? Now that SM16 is out I am wondering if this could be a minor upgrade at some point. Most people who like the way their Gmail looks do not even know it is called Conversation view or that it is optional and they can turn it off as it is set as the default view. Some of my users would like it so please let me know if this is even in the works for the next update?
Any update on this feature request ?
Bumping this question back to the top as I have clients who want to use conversation view too. Switchable, the way it is in Outlook.
Git 'er done !! Customers like conversation view.
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Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hello everyone. I wasn't able to find confirmation that this got submitted to our development team, so I've gone ahead and done so. If we find out later we already have an active task for this, I'll reach out with an update. Otherwise keep an eye out for responses here and on release notes for further updates on this front. 
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