How are blacklist and whitelist reports calculated
Question asked by russell - December 2, 2015 at 9:27 PM
The number of emails reported as blacklisted seems excessively high.  After adding IP addresses to the blacklist, the total number of emails received does not seem to have changed significantly, yet the number reported as blacklisted has got extremely high - higher than the total number of emails received (including spam).  I find it hard to believe spam increased so considerably at the same time as I happened to add their IP address to the blacklist.
Also the white list numbers - these appear even with no entries in the white list.  What are these? I guessed it must be the total number of emails getting through which are not black listed, but I can see from mail reports that this is not correct.

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Hi  Same question here.
I just added a bunch of IP addresses, and all of a sudden i have over 5,000 items on my blacklist report so far in like an hour.
How do i see a report of what IP addresses are getting referenced in the blacklist ? what IP addresses are the offenders ?
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