Time Log Tab - See more fields directly on the tab && different color views
Idea shared by Thai-Binh Nguyen - 12/2/2015 at 3:07 PM
When we add a ticket, we have the ability to create a time log which can be used to calculate billable time.  This part is excellent and we use it a lot so that we can submit copies of work logs to clients, calculate engineer billable time and reports per month.  That being said, a ticket can have multiple Time Log entries and rather than seeing a calculated Duration, I'd like to see the "actual" start date/time of the entered information by the engineer.  Right now, for us to see the entries, we'd have to go to each Time Log and click on edit.  Can we add the entire duration entry to the initial Tab view?
The other item is that under the Time Log, there is the option of checking the checkbox for "Billable Time".  At the initial Time Log tab view, whether a log is deemed billable or not, all shades of the time logs are the same.  I'd like to request that when a log is checked as billable time, it turns to a different shade color so that we can differentiate between the two.  Again, to differentiate between the two, we'd have to go into the Edit portion of that Time Log to check.
Thank you for your consideration.

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