ActiveSync Issue After Migration - Outlook 2013 / Android Mail - SYNC KEY MISMATCH
Idea shared by CCWH - 11/27/2015 at 7:04 AM
Hello all,
Had a migration from SM 14.3 to another server 14.4.  Since migration any client using Outlook 2013/Android Mail and ActiveSync is getting no sync'd mail.  Mail is coming in to the mail server and to the corresponding folders, but no sync at all.
In Outlook 2013 the connection jumps between 'Waiting for server response' to 'Connected' but no sync happens.
Here's from the log:

[2015.11.27] 13:22:43 [632199310] SYNC KEY MISMATCH: Device=[20151126.205206.9] Server=[20151126.193210.1242]
How can we reset this sync key?  Just to confirm, deleting the account and re-adding does work...so it is definitely to do with the new SM instance not liking the local Outlook/Android Mail profile.

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I'm not sure if this will help or not, but have you tried logging in via webmail interface for an account (or impersonating an account via the main admin login) and deleting the device(s) under MY SETTINGS / SYNCHRONIZED DEVICES AREA ?? Then have customer try to sync again
thx. this helped me

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