Birthday troubles
Problem reported by FlexWS - November 20, 2015 at 3:27 PM
Using SmarterMail 14.4.5787 on IIS
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam (GMT+1)
Occurs with existing and new contacts.
Using EAS, but not sure if that matters.
On my phone a contact is shown with birthday 26-10-1953
This was incorrect, so I changed it to 27-10-1953 on my phone.
Synced contacts over EAS.
Looking at iPad after sync, contact is (still or again) shown as 26-10-1953
Logging in to webmail and go to the contacts tab.
Select the specific contact and at the right pane I also see 26-10-1953.
Click the Edit button in the webmail client, in the edit dialog the birthday is shown as 27-10-1953 !
Save the edit dialog, right pane now also shows 27-10-1953.
Phone shows 27-10-1953 and iPad shows 27-10-1953.
Everything fine, untill I save/edit the contact on phone again (don't have to change birthday, if I change another field the birthday will be shown as 26-10-1953 on iPad again, and the situation starts from the beginning again.
Can you do something about this, so I can enter birthdays correctly from phone or iPad?
Wild guess:
Maybe the timezone +1 has something to do with and the birthday will be saved -1 (at 23:00 at the previous day).
If you think this should be a local problem of my older phone or tablet then it's still weird the contacts right pane and edit window do not show the same date!

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Any updates on this?
I would still like it if a ST employee could reply on this.
As addition to the original message, Outlook 2013 EAS is doing the same correct behavior as webmail does.
I can also reproduce this with iOS 9.1 -> Android 4.4
I created a contact with birthday 2015-12-20 on iPad.
Sync over EAS.
Check the contact on the phone (Android 4.4)
Birthday is shown as 2015-12-19.
Webmail shows the birthday as 2015-12-19 in the contacts right pane .
Editing the contact in webmail shows the birthday as 2015-12-20 again.
Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hey there,
I'm not very technical, so unfortunately, I don't have any tips on how to fix this. My recommendation for you would be to submit a ticket to our Support Department. These are user-to-user forums that our staff frequents and corresponds in; however, for a guaranteed, direct response, your better route is to submit a ticket. Doing that, they can take a look directly at your installation and find what's causing this. 
Andrea Rogers 
Communications Specialist 
SmarterTools Inc. 
(877) 357-6278
Thanks for your reply.
As this situation is about some mobile devices, I'm not sure if remote support would help.
But ofcourse I can supply log files for my situation, or maybe the developers or other technical staff could try to reproduce if they have some iPad's or Android devices to test with.
It seems I can also replicate this with Android 6.0 (virtual device) and (another) iOS 9.1 iPad.
I create a dummy contact on the phone, give it a phone number and a birthday (20 dec). Sync it.
Changing the birthday (21 dec) on the phone again.
Works, changed on iPad and webmail.
Changing the birthday (22 dec) and the phone number on the iPad. Syncing.
I see a changed phone number but no changed birthday on Android or webmail.
The birthday is still 21 dec.
Still a little strange :)

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