Is it possible for Domain Administrators to set user profile properties
Question asked by Chris Wollesen - 11/9/2015 at 1:11 PM
Using newest version of SmarterMail 14.x
In the GUI the domain administrator can set several things for the user during and after creation and thanks to the domain level signature he can even setup standard signatures including variables for those profile values for his domain.  However if he/she wants to leverage profile elements it would be handy if they could supply those elements during the creation of the user.
As a server admin I can impersonate the user and then gain access to those fields, but it doesn't appear that the domain admin can nor i would think should it be that difficult.
Has anyone found out if these fields can be set by the domain admin (without logging in as the target user) and/or who also would be interested in the feature being added?

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