unknown email addresses in the smartermail/logs/2015.11.04-delivery.log file. How to stop this spam?
Question asked by Douglas Brown - 11/4/2015 at 2:31 PM
Along with our emails addresses there are unknown emails, like this:
15:20:59 [88080] Delivery started for unknown@email.com at 3:20:59 PM
15:21:08 [88080] Delivery finished for unknown@email.com at 3:21:08 PM    [id:113537188080]
Sorry I am new at this. This has to be spam right?
From what I can tell, the Anti-Spam Administration pages have meaningful settings which I have not changed.
The Protocol Settings - SMTP In - Allow Relay = Nobody
Please advise - thanks

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Douglas, can you search your SMTP log for 88080 and post the full session?

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