Fix for Office 2016 using IMAP causing IMAP folder resync
Problem reported by Employee - 11/4/2015 at 1:54 PM
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On Monday we released version 14.4 of SmarterMail which includes a fix for syncing Outlook 2016 using IMAP where many SmarterMail folders had a UID validity value (UIDVV) of 0.  According to the IMAP RFC these UIDVV values can not be 0.
We fixed this by changing any UIDVV values of 0 to 1 when an account's folders are loaded.
The purpose of the UIDVV value is to tell an IMAP client if a folder with a particular name has been deleted and then recreated with the same name.  So if I delete my Sent Items folder and then create a new folder named Sent Items, the UIDVV value will increase and IMAP clients will know they must re-sync that folder from scratch.
Due to the nature of this issue there is no way to fix it without forcing IMAP clients to re-sync all folders that had a UIDVV value of 0.

This will cause a large spike in resource usage after installing this new version until all the IMAP clients have re-synced the affected folders.
We have received a number of tickets related to this since the Monday release so we will revert the current release back to 14.3 for now and will release a new version later today that will only apply the fix to a set number of accounts per hour to limit the impact on resource usage.

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Kristóf Gyetvai Replied
in office 2007 stil not working
Jorge Alegre Replied
We have thousands of users using IMAP + Outlook (2010/2013/2016)....

To lessen the impact to our customers and to our helpdesk:

1 - Can we set <maxUidVvFixesPerHour>0</maxUidVvFixesPerHour> to "Bypass" this UIDVV update for now? (and apply all the other hotfixes and features included in the lastest updates!?)

2 - Do you have any option to control which accounts we want to "upgrade"?

J. Alegre
User Replied
Hi Jorge,

You can reduce the upgrade down to 1, but not 0. You can set it to 0 but that will just set the number internally to 1. It just goes alphabetically, there isn't a way to manually set the order or only upgrade specific accounts.

Jorge Alegre Replied
Hi Bryon Grosz,
I must confess I was expecting another type of answer form you..

Its not possible to ST to provide this kind of feature? Will be really helpfull...
Imagine our scenario...
As i've said, we have +3.000 users connected via IMAP + Outlook.
We dont really know how many of them will have to recreate their accounts... Maybe almost all, because they have a huge folder structure.
If we apply your update... your rotine will start running in alphabetic mode, without any other control. Users from the same domain will detect problems in different days (we have domains with a lot of accounts, and with 5GB mailbox size).
Some of them dont know how to recreate an profile, even using an Step-by-step.... and even those who know how to do it, will be afraid that they will lose their appointments, notes, tasks, etc, so they will request support, like they usually do...

Recreate an profile is not easy as you say and take time.
- Create an Backup (E-mail/contacts/Calendars/Tasks/notes/etc)
- Recreate Profile
- Reconfigure IMAP
- Reconfigure Calendar / Contacts / Tasks (Import)
- Reconfigure Etc
- Do some tests, to make sure that everything is ok...
Even if we set 1 account per hour (24 accounts per day non-stop), We will have more than 120 days of continuous helpdesk support... (Including Weekends...)

Please think about this...
1 - Accept the value 0, to bypass it, so we could update right now, and fix all the other issues included in your latests updates.
2 - Possibility to configure an extra node in the user XML, to bypass it.

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