Failed to save server settings
Problem reported by Henrik Sprang-Hanssen - 11/4/2015 at 1:42 PM
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After updating to version 10 of SmarterStats which went rather smoothy I needed to add a new server. But the input fields for IP address and server name are missing. And furthermore I can't get to save what is shown in the dialog getting the error message: "Failed to save server settings".
Does anyone have any ideas or clues?
Thanks in advance.

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Henrik Sprang-Hanssen Replied
Actually the missing input fields were due to the fact that I was using the free version after the upgrade. After I had activated the license key the input fields were available. But I still can't save the server settings perhaps because of some protection level or missing configuration for the service on the remote webserver.
Henrik Sprang-Hanssen Replied
Obviously the problem was a missing rule to open port 500003 on the remote server.
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hey Henrik! 
I'm glad you were able to troubleshoot the issue and get the server up. Were you referencing a specific knowledge base article or help document while going through this process? I ask because port 50003 is mentioned in the KB article on Adding on a Remote Server, but if you were looking at a different one, we'll want to get it added anywhere else necessary. 

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.

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