Re: Interface for filtered Mails
Idea shared by Hemen Shah - November 4, 2015 at 6:04 AM
Is it possible to have interface for filtered mails ?
There are couple of third party services which offers spam filtering service and many customer use such service just for filtering but having inhouse exchange based mail servers.
When any query for mail not received, web interface of filtered mail can be accessed and if any genuine mails found then same can be released etc.
I dont think such is currently possible with SM and are we looking at such kind.
This will help to get clients who are looking for filtering service by having their own inhouse mail solution.

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What would need to be added to the spam actions is a quarantine option.
Do nothing...
Move to...
Then you'd have to code up a quarantine system (which does already exist in some fashion) for users to check their mail.
That said, the junk mail folder already does this function and users can simply check their junk mail folders for legit mail.

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