Outlook 2013 crash using EAS Exchange Activesync
Problem reported by Nathan Aroonprapun - 10/22/2015 at 10:40 AM
We're have a problem with random users Outlook 2013 crashing using Exchange Activesync. I've isolated the problem down to the calendar file in the users file (AE1279A3_calendarData.xml & AE1279A3_calendarData_bak.xml).  What I found is to fix the crash is to delete or rename the calendar file in the user’s folder on Smartermail server, then remove the account from outlook and then add it back, the problem goes away.  Any thoughts or ideas to resolve without killing the calendar would be approciated

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If you are running the latest SM 14.3, this is a known issue with.  Please contact sales@smartertools.com and ask for the latest custom build that fixes this bug.
Nathan Aroonprapun Replied
Thank you Robert. I've reach out to the mailbox. I'm glad there's a fix for it

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