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Idea shared by jorge.mx.neto - 10/21/2015 at 7:04 AM
I've a request from a customer for every email he sends out he wants a copy to a local folder for example the Sent folder.
Now I know that this function is already done when using the webmail, and some devices have this option that I personal use with my devices. But some email clients don’t offer this option.
I also took a look to the approach of Smartermail (https://portal.smartertools.com/kb/a2675/copy-mail-sent-to-or-from-a-mailbox.aspx) of creating a copy but this approach send's the copied email back to the user’s Inbox.
The process looks good until I'm asked to provide an email instead of a local user folder to make a copy, so if this process could handle that it will be perfect:
So the step number 9 that could be like this:
                9. Click the Folder checkbox and type the user's local folder where the email is going to be copied.
Instead of:
                9. Click the To Address checkbox and type the user's email address in the corresponding field.

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You may want to try this workaround that I tested successfully.  First, I enabled plus addressing on my account that I'm sending from and want a copy of the sent item.  In the event, whether you want it at the system level or the user level, modify the "add recipient" action to use that plus address.  For example, I added "remmett+sent_items@example.com" as my recipient address.  I received successfully a copy of this sent message in my sent items folder.
The problem is that the user will receive duplicate copies of the sent item if they use webmail or a client that automatically saves a copy in the sent items.  Unfortunately, there is not a workaround for that that I can think of.
Hopefully this helps!
Thanks for your reply, but that workaround defeats the purpose of saving the sent emails in a different folder that can be picked case by case.
Maybe someone also thinks this is a good idea and votes up so can be addressed in a future version.
Couldn't you just use Message Archiving to accomplish the result you're looking for?  If the user is a Domain Admin that would the user to search the archive.
I'm unable to find in the archive when a message is sent from myself to outside my domain.

I have my domain on my SmarterMail server. I have message archiving turned on for my domain. My cell phone sends emails through my SmarterMail account. When I send a message to, for example, an outlook.com account, there is no record at all of the sent email in the message archive.

Shouldn't it have ended up there? I had hoped that the archiving would store ALL my messages - even if my account was hijacked. Am I misunderstanding the archiving function?

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