Remove sensitive information from email
Question asked by Marius Steurer - 10/16/2015 at 11:14 AM
ist there a way to remove sensitive information from the Email Header ?
Background: If you send Emails from mobile networks, and you have alle "receieved from" informations in the header - and the receieving Mailserver makes a deep header scan - it's high possible, that the message is marked as spam - thats because the mobile devices typical dynamic adresses, which are often listed on blacklists.
WIth postfix it's easy to make a rule for authenticated Mails to strip all receieved from headers - and replace them with another heather - like "X-Recieved: From Authenticated User" to prevent such false positives.
If it's not implemented - I think it should be a feature for the next version.
 X     Replace Received From headers fot authenticated users with X-Recieved: ________own text______________

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