Re: mails to hotmail id getting delivered in junk box
Question asked by Hemen Shah - 10/15/2015 at 5:55 AM
I have strange scenario here, 
Got new hosting site wherein user registration module is developed on wordpress platform, now when new user is registering on site as well as existing user tries to do password reset then the confirmation emails are getting delivered to junk box and this is only happening to hotmail ids, first through noreply@ was use for system generated mails but then changed it to contactus@ then too same is happeneing, i got the message source from one hotmail recipient and no where it shows failed in spam tests or any, what could be the issue ?
registering this site domain for feedback look - hotmail would help ?

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Bruce Barnes Replied
Check both your SMTP and DELIVERY logs to see what's happening when one of the message is sent to you.
Both need to be set to DETAILED.
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SpamHurts Replied
To me it doesn't sound like the smtp or delivery logs will help on your server. If I understand, a message sent from your wordpress site, is sent to a hotmail address. Probably authenticating through your smartermail email account.... is that correct?
If that is the case, you will need to look at the header of the hotmail account, and see what is failing. If it went to the junk box, then it sent.... hotmail got the message, it just applied their spam filter to it.
Along with Bruces suggestion, get the email header from the hotmail account.
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