How to enable "bounce" functionality?
Question asked by John Kisha - 10/2/2015 at 1:46 PM
How do you enable the "bounce" option for rules in SmarterMail 14.x? There used to be an option when creating a rule to have the message bounce. That option is no longer available, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to enable it. Anybody know where that option is set?

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Robert Emmett Replied
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John, when you say "creating a rule" are you referring to content filters?  If so, you can add a bounce action to that particular content filter.  If you are referring to spam filters, that was removed a while ago because a bounced message would verify the email address is valid to spammers.
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John Kisha Replied
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Thanks for your reply Robert.
Nope. That option is not available there. I took a screen capture, but it doesn't look like I can upload images here. The only options that are available are: Mark as read, Mark as follow-up, Delete Message, Move message, Prefix subject, Add Header, Copy message, Reroute message, and Set Priority.
I know that option used to be there because it still shows up on some older rules. But it's no longer available in new rules. Can you see it in your settings? If so, then there must be a way to turn it on and I just haven't been able to find it. (Though I never turned it off to my recollection.)
Joe Wolf Replied
Go into Antispam Administration, Options, and see if "Content Filter Bouncing" is enabled.

John Kisha Replied
Yeah! That was the answer! Thank you. My hero!!!
Boy, I looked and looked for that setting. Sometimes you can be looking right at something and not see it.
Shivam Parikh Replied
We are facing issues with bounces on the latest version.
When a user sends an email to a "bounce" email ID (blacklisted), it doesnt "bounce". It just disapears .
Is that intended.
Also I have the following content filters in place that dont seem to play together.
1. All emails that come and go for a domain to be backuped at an email id (not on the server).
2.  Emails that are not sent to the following x domains should be bounched and a copy should be sent to me at my email ID (not on smartermail server).
The first one works but the emails come in a randomized sequence (delayed sending?)
The second one never work

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