Outlook 2013 client doesnt syncronize some deleted mail with activesynk
Problem reported by Hugo Braz - September 4, 2015 at 7:53 AM
Hello i have smartermail Enterprise 14.0 .
Recently a user changed computer with office 2013 just like the old one.
The outlook client was configured with active synck just like the old one, the account was configured the same way.
Now the client report that he has more email in the new computer than in the old.
So ive checked that out and compared with the webmail the itens are the same in the new computer .
The old computer still in use didnt comunicate the deleted itens so for example the yesterday mail in the inbox only 2 itens and in the new computer the yesterday mail in the inbox has 5 itens. 
The old computer is working sending receiving mails.
So what could be causing this problems ?
Is anyone experiencing this problems?
Tks !

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