Domain Admin - Plesk w/SmarterMail
Question asked by Philip Levine - 9/1/2015 at 5:16 AM
I just recently got a server (HostGator) with Plesk and SmarterMail - 
What I have not been able to figure out is how (if) I can log into SmarterMail as the domain administrator like I can on my stand-a-lone version of SmarterMail
I've tried this both as creating a user at the domain which matches to the plesk admin user as well as with an external email address.
What I'm looking for is the ability to setup up domain events / company wide footer vs having to do one account at a time

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We have plesk with smarter mail.
Smarter mail functions independently of plesk at the admin level.  Yes you can create user account in plesk and they show up in SM, but the actual admin account for SM is not defined or managed through plesk... not that i found yet.
you should be able to log into SM the same way you would on a stand alone.  yourdomain:9998 (domain:port)  or IP:9998, and then use the admin username and password to log in.
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Philip Levine Replied
I was actually able to get hold of a Windows Admin at hostgator and they were able to activate one of the users as a domain admin - The biggest thing to not is you can't / shouldn't edit / add users via SM when in Plesk - But you can do the other domain level items

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