Simple ways to make the UI more mobile friendly
Idea shared by kevind - 8/25/2015 at 3:01 PM
I'd like to suggest improving the desktop interface so it works better on tablets and newer smartphones. This would be better than updating the mobile interface which was designed for old phones with smaller screens.
Of course the ultimate solution is to make it responsive, but this could require months of development. So here are some simple ideas to reduce the width.
  • Move the nav bar icons from the left side to the open space across the top. This would use less width, make it more modern looking, and put Settings in the upper-right which seems to be the standard nowadays.
  • Hide either the folder pane or the preview pane when someone logs in with a mobile device. These capabilities are already available, so maybe just remember the setting (so user doesn't have to close folder pane after each login) or have separate desktop and mobile profiles.

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Implement the bootstrap framework ! It's extremely simple and I'm sure the guys have already considered this ?

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