Domain (Reseller) Admin Covering Multiple Domains
Idea shared by CCWH - 8/24/2015 at 5:00 AM
Hello all,
As I see it, there are two administrative roles within SM:
1) System Admin - Covers full system mail/server admin
2) Domain Admin - Covers settings/config for specific domain only
I would like to see a Domains Admin, or reseller user.  So an administrator that we can create and allocate specific domains to specific admin/reseller.  No special rights over and above the normal Domain Admin, but a user that can see multiple domains.
This in reality is a Reseller Admin.  So, we have reseller clients that would like to login to SM with a single user, like we do with the Sys Admin account.  We don't want or need them to add domains, just to simply administer multpiple domains.
Is this possible?

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CCWH -- good suggestion!
Any ST staff input on this one please?
We would like to see a feature like this also! 
B.r Joakim Ribb South Brains AB www.southbrains.se
This is a great feature. Please confirm us did you guys include this feature in your future release.

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