What control panel do you currently use?
Question asked by Jorge EG - 8/17/2015 at 1:36 PM
We began using Helm 3 many years ago, upgraded to Helm 4, but its totally obsolete and we are looking into other options... What do you guys currently use?  Thanks.

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Matt Petty Replied
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We have a plugin for WHMCS.
But as far as recommendations go, others will need to give their input.
Matt Petty
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Daniel Grotjan Replied
Scarab Replied
We were about to give up entirely on WebsitePanel but they just released their long anticipated version 2.1. They are very slow to come out with updates, but with only one full-time dev who offers his product for free you can't complain.
Jorge EG Replied
Daniel, how has WebsitePanel worked for you? Do you recommend it with this new version?
Daniel Grotjan Replied
I haven't installed the 2.1 release yet, but we've been running a 2.1 beta version for a long time. WebsitePanel is far from perfect, but we tried several others and never found one we liked better. It's constantly being worked on, but it's basically just in constant beta. All of the main features are very stable in the beta. There are usually some new features that are being added that aren't complete in the beta, but you don't have to use those unless you are wanting to try new things out.

I am a developer so it's nice that it's open source if I want to add or fix anything myself, but we haven't really had any need for that. I wish I had time to contribute to the project, but my job keeps me too busy to find time.

If you are concerned about support, they have a forum and people are generally pretty helpful. If you need more reliable support, there are some people on there that offer paid 24x7 support too.

We also use WHMCS. We handle our billing and account management with WHMCS, and it provisions hosting accounts in WebsitePanel. The combination has worked pretty well for us.

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