Require SMTP Authentication For A Domain
Question asked by ScottF - 8/13/2015 at 11:58 AM
We noticed that by default "Require SMTP Authentication" is disabled for a domain. I did some test sending with SMTP Auth disabled and SMTP Auth enabled for a domain and did not notice a difference. With SMTP Auth enabled or disabled for a domain:
1. SMTP Auth is required to relay 
2. I can send from a local mailbox to another local mailbox with no auth
Our server also has the default "Nobody" for allow relay and "Allow relay for authenticated users" checked.
With a server with the default settings, does enabling "Require SMTP Authentication" for a domain make a difference?
Scott F.

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kevind Replied
Many posts in this forum recommend requiring SMTP Authentication:
The SmarterMail help says it should be turned on:
But it appears that if you do a clean install of SM14, Require SMTP Authentication is disabled by default.  Just wondering if this shouldn't be corrected.
Or maybe this setting should be deprecated because "Protocol Settings -> SMTP In -> Allow Relay" takes its place?
Is there a difference between SMTP Auth and Allow Relay?
Ant Replied
I'm curious about this too. We have had a query where a customer has a 3rd party web server which sends order confirmation emails to a mailbox. The order confirmation emails are set to come from the same @domain.com domain as the mailbox.

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