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Idea shared by kevind - August 10, 2015 at 12:38 PM
In the latest version of SM, here are some minor items that would make the Admin interface more usable. Specifically, they deal with the Indexing Service.
When changing a setting (for example: Max Threads), it looks like you need to start/stop the Indexing service for it to take effect.  Maybe place a message on the Settings screen that tell the admin it's necessary to start/stop the service after making changes.
On Indexing Status - Queued tab, there are a few columns that are confusing:
  • Time Queued - only shows the date, no time.  It does show time on the Processing tab.
  • Priority - Is there something other than Highest?  If not, maybe remove that column.
  • Checkbox - but there's no action that can be performed on the item.

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Fixing the Last Login date reminded me of these date/time issues for Indexing. These are some really simple fixes - updating labels, etc. that could be incorporated into the next minor.
If you want to simplify, just combine the two tabs (Processing & Queued) and list the ones that are processing at the top of the queue so that the admin doesn't have to go back/forth between tabs to see what's going on.
Robert Emmett Replied
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Kevin, we have modified the indexing service so that the service no longer requires a stop / restart when changing the max thread count.  Additionally, we have removed the "unused" checkboxes from both tab pages.  On the Queued tab, we have also removed the Priority column and changed the Time Queued column to include date and time.  Lastly, both the Processing and Queued tabs will now show the item counts.  These changes will be available in the next minor release.
For performance reasons, at this time we have decided to keep the Processing and Queued tabs segregated instead of combining the two tabs into one.
Thank you once again for your wonderful ideas and suggestions on how we can streamline and update the user experience with SmarterMail (and all of our products).
Robert Emmett
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