Feature To Block E-Mails From Becoming Tickets...
Idea shared by Ben Santiardo - 8/6/2015 at 7:27 AM
There are certain E-Mails that come in that are from automated systems and such, and we would like to block these tickets from even becoming tickets. Right now, they become tickets and are assigned to an agent, which can be frustrating to the agents. 
Is there an option somewhere where we can filter out these E-Mails and prevent them from ever being converted to tickets?
UPDATE: I have updated this from a question to an idea so that others can vote on it.
Ben Santiardo, Senior Programmer Analyst
Eastern Suffolk BOCES

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There's no way to filter email addresses since SmarterTrack isn't a mail client. You'd need to filter it in your mail client (set up rules) so those specified emails aren't pulled into ST.
I see. Thank you for the information. I just wished there was some sort of filter in ST to keep all such settings centralized in one location. Splitting up settings, some in ST and some elsewhere, opens up confusion IMHO. Not everyone has access to setup "rules" on incoming E-Mails (for examples those with hosted E-Mail accounts). This is why I think filter settings hould be allowed in ST, something that runs between the POP3 E-Mail Pickup and the actual creation of a ticket. Where ST reviews the "exemption rules" and discards any E-Mails that don't pass the rules, preventing JUNK/SPAM E-mails from becoming tickets.
____________________________________ Ben Santiardo, Senior Programmer Analyst Eastern Suffolk BOCES
Agreed. It would be nice if major functions that it's built around had more configuration settings when SmarterTrack is considered. I'm that case where I have access to our email settings, so it hasn't bothered me too much.

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