Allow Web UI Additions for integration with other software (ex CRM)
Idea shared by Jeremy Wesley - 7/31/2015 at 7:00 AM
I would like to see an ability added to SmarterMail, that I believe would help a large project that Im working on.
The ability to add buttons that perform actions with in a message or a list of messages.
I do not have a list of development requirements but if ST is interested in doing this I would be happy to invest the time to state my development requirements.
The use case would be to allow developers to integrate smarter mail Web UI with other systems, like CRM so that emails could be attached to CRM software etc..
I'm currently working to build a micro CRM and email integration would be nice but we understand that supporting it at the web level instead of software client, would be more of an appealing pairing.

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Ditto... Ihave asked that we could do the modifications to allow for our own buttons. If we could do that... we could take it from there....
I was thinking this AM. This could also be used to more tightly integrate SM to ST. instead of just FW emails to ST, you could create a ticket from your inbox and select the dept, group, agent even add note directing the agent..

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