Is there any way to disable spam filtering for only one domain?
Question asked by Ed Recker - 7/24/2015 at 11:45 AM
I have a client who we are running their mail through a third party spam filtering service before it gets to our smartermail server.  That works fine, the only problem that I am having is when it hits our server the Spam Filter is grabbing legitimate email and quarantining it.  What we are wondering, is there a way to disable the filtering for that one client and not effect the other clients?  I could not see anything obvious.

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Linda Pagillo Replied
Hi Ed. Yes, you can disable spam filtering on a per-domain or per-user level. What you first need to do is allow domains/users to override your default spam filtering settings. To do that, log into your Smartermail Admin interface and go to Security>Antispam Administration and then click on the Options tab. Put a check in the "Allow domains to override filter weights and actions". Once you do that, log into the account or impersonate the user that you would like to disable filtering for. Once logged in as them, click on Settings and then Filtering>Spam Filtering. From there, select the "Override spam settings for this account" and then click the Actions tab. In there, you can set all 3 spam filtering levels to "Take No Action". This will disable spam filtering for that account. I hope this helps. Thanks!
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