MS Visual C++ Error Upgrading to 14.1.5675
Problem reported by James Ratliff - 7/22/2015 at 6:24 AM
When attempting to upgrade SmarterMail to 14.1.5675, I receive a popup box saying MS Visual C++ 2010 x64 needs to be installed. Selecting "Next" and allowing the installer to run gives me an error saying the installation failed and then asks if I want to proceed with the SmarterMail upgrade.
I've been selecting, "No" and therefore canceling the install.
I've downloaded the standalone Visual C++ Redistributable from MS and when attempting to install it, I'm getting an error  saying a newer version of the software exists. 
The server is (obviously) Windows 2010 and has all current updates applied. I'm assuming the error I'm getting with the SmarterMail Visual C++ installer is the same error I'm getting with the standalone installer (even it doesn't specifically state what the error is).
I'm wondering if it is OK to just go ahead and install the SmarterMail upgrade. It appears I already have the necessary software in place.

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Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
This may cause ClamAV to not run. If you are using ClamAV, I would verify that it is running. SM will try to run 64bit but if it fails it will run 32bit ClamAV.
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Fabio Dias Replied
Same problem here. I tried to upgrade to SmarterMail to 14.1.567 and the installer required the MS Visual C++ 2010 x64. However I already have this resource installed in my server. I'm running a WinServer 2008. There a fix for this problem? Do we need to wait until the next release?

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