Abuse Detection
Idea shared by Scott Forsythe - 7/21/2015 at 8:54 AM
We're using the "Bounces Indicate Spammer" detection type under Security - Advanced Settings - Abuse Detection to try and stop compromised mailboxes from sending. We like the recent additions to this section but here's a suggestion:
In our case, when the "Bounces Indicate Spammer" is triggered one of our SmarterMail mailboxes has been compromised. We would like the option to automatically "disable and allow mail" for the mailbox to prevent further damage. The trigger stops outgoing mail for the specified time period but the spammer could still go into the mailbox and delete messages, etc.
We might be able to do some things by parsing the logs and using WebServices but it would be easier if this feature was built in.
Thank You!
Scott F.

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