Hosting SM 14.1 on Azure A2 VM - Cannot Receive Email
Question asked by Ryan Hendrickson - 7/19/2015 at 11:24 AM
We've setup a virtual machine (A2) on Azure with a static IP address and we're having trouble receiving email, we can send just fine from the web interface, but mail clients (outlook, iphone, etc) cannot connect either.
I have opened up the ports on the VM firewall for POP, IMAP, SMTP, etc.  as well as on the Azure portal's endpoints.  I've run some tests using tools on mxtoolbox.com but I keep getting:
Connecting to
7/19/2015 1:11:22 PM Connection attempt #1 - Unable to connect after 15 seconds. [15.05 sec]

PWS3v2 15206ms
I've also performed a Port Scan and it shows that ports 25,110,143, are "filtered"
A DNS search for all records returns:
moboysstate.org.    59    IN    A
moboysstate.org.    3599    IN    NS    ns3-06.azure-dns.org.
moboysstate.org.    3599    IN    NS    ns4-06.azure-dns.info.
moboysstate.org.    3599    IN    NS    ns1-06.azure-dns.com.
moboysstate.org.    3599    IN    NS    ns2-06.azure-dns.net.
moboysstate.org.    3599    IN    SOA    edge1.azuredns-cloud.net. msnhst.microsoft.com. 42 900 300 604800 300
moboysstate.org.    59    IN    MX    10 mail.moboysstate.org.
And all of our websites, including sub-domain websites, work just fine. 
Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ryan Hendrickson Replied
Okay, so for starters, he helps to assign the ports to my local IP address that Azure assigns to my server.  All of a sudden, email started flowing in! 
Still checking on a couple things, but all seems to be working better with the exception of a couple DomainKey tests. 
I do, now, get a "Reverse DNS does not match SMTP banner" error when performing mxtoolbox tests. 
I was going to tell you to check the windows firewall too.   We set up SM 14 in the same fashion (not azure though)  I went and opened up all of the firewall ports (separate firewall server), but still could not connect for mobile devices. turns out the windows firewall never got the ports opened. had to do it manually.
The reverse DNS lookup, you would need to send an email to A2 and request a PTR record to match your domain.
But looks like you got that fixed already.
For anyone else : http://www.dnsstuff.com/docs/ptr/
A pretty good description of a PTR and how to get it.
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Kenneth Voss Replied
What was solution to this pls??
Bruce Barnes Replied
Your missing a nameserver.  Because you are running under Microsoft Azure, you must include this nameserver with your other DNS servers, both at your domain registrar, and in your DNS servers:
 SOA Mname
WARNING: Primary name server edge1.azuredns-cloud.net. listed in SOA Record is not found at the parent name servers. The MNAME field defines the Primary Master name server for the zone, this name server should be found in your NS records.
Your public DNS servers are:
  • ns1-06.azure-dns.com. TTL=86400 [NO GLUE4] [NO GLUE6]
  • ns2-06.azure-dns.net. TTL=86400 [NO GLUE4] [NO GLUE6]
  • ns3-06.azure-dns.org. TTL=86400 [] [NO GLUE6]
  • ns4-06.azure-dns.info. TTL=86400 [NO GLUE4] [NO GLUE6]
Not having edge1.azuredns-cloud.net configured in your DNS records, may cause delays in your DNS lookups and may result in your MX server not being found, and therefore, mail not being delivered.
Your rDNS is not properly configured.  Although this will work, it is not reflective of the actual MX FQDN and reflects the name of the CLOUD:
Your rDNS (PTR) is mobysstate.cloudapp.net and the FQDN of your MX server is MAIL.MOBOYSSTATE.ORG
  Server IP PTR (Reverse) IPs
  mail.moboysstate.org. moboysstate.cloudapp.net.
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