Create a new account using a MD5 HASH password
Idea shared by CLEBER SAAD - 7/16/2015 at 4:12 AM
I have searched the SM documentation and I don't find any information if Smartermail supports the MD5 password when create a new account (only in the authentication).
We are in migration mode from Linux to Smartermail and only have the MD5 password of accounts

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AFAIK they use their own internal ciphering for passwords
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Clerber Saad, Brian is correct in that SmarterMail uses it's own internal password ciphering.  You would not be able to migrate user accounts with just the MD5 passwords.  One workaround is to keep your old server running on a separate IP and have your users from the new SM server manually migrate their accounts over IMAP.
EDIT: Also note that MD5 encryption is one direction; once you have the MD5 output you can't go backwards to retrieve the original password.
have you tried using the online md5 reverse hash tools? I get mixed results, but you should try it. google md5 reverse hash,
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