"Message Received" event not running/being triggered
Problem reported by JohnC - 7/8/2015 at 9:55 AM
(I am running the latest version of smartermail pro 13.5 because I don't want to be a "beta" tester for version 14.x.)
I want to setup an event that will send me a text message when a new email arrives that is addressed to "sms@abc.com".
So, I created an alias that forwards any emails to sms(a)abc.com to mainmailbox(a)abc.com.
Then I do a "Manage" abc.com domain and create a new event as follows:
Message Received
The domain filter is already set to "abc.com" because I am managing that domain only.
I check the "To Address" and select "Contains" then specify sms(a)abc.com as the keyword.
For the action I have:
Action:        Send Email
Max Freq:    None
From:        donotreply(a)abc.com
To:            mynotify(a)123.com
Subject:    Text Alert Notice
Body:        New sms(a)abc.com email received
When I send an email to sms(a)abc.com, I will get that specific email itself, but I never receive the event email even after trying a bunch of different "to" emails thinking that maybe they are getting stuck in spam folders, but they are not.
I know that the smartermail system's event system is working somewhat because I am receiving SMTP abuse alerts.
I also tried setting up the above event at the admin level (not in a domain level) and still NG.
Anyone have any ideas whats going on?
(I am using (a) because this forum software wont allow me to use a real link)

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