Create an RBL from SmarterMail UI
Idea shared by Howell Dell - 7/8/2015 at 7:43 AM
SmarterTools has a lot of customers... both Hosters and End Users... It would seem that SmarterTools could take information from the SmarterMail interface and create various "Managed" RBL lists that "community" manages.
For example you could have a Admin RBL whose source is taken from Security BlackList IP. Then have a system dashboard at SmarterMail so that other Admins can vote and approve these settings. Voting system would take in account the number of Admins that added the suspect IP to their Black List PLUS  an additional number of votes taken from the dashboard by admins who say they have seen this bad IP. Any IP getting a yes vote of more than 2/3 would be added the RBL.
Another example is that we could create an end user RBL that takes any request from UI "Action -> Mark -> SPAM". This RBL could be weighted such that it would take 100 users agreeing its SPAM before the IP would get listed in the RBL.
By using the power of the community it would take little manpower by SmarterTools to maintain the list. These are just but a few places we can collect this information from the SmarterMail UI.
Further these RBLs should only be accessible by SmarterMail customers by using a lookup key to reduce the DNS costs to SmarterTools. See portal.smartertools.com/community/a86556/project-honey-pot-need-prefix-lookup-key.aspx  for ideas on how to do this!
Also, to protect these RBLs the can be only adjusted by the community from SmarterMail customers who have active licenses. This prevents someone from the outside to "stuff" the ballot boxes.

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