How to MERGE mailboxes after migration ?
Question asked by Curtis Kropar www.HawaiianHope.org - 7/3/2015 at 6:01 AM
The Question is How to MERGE mailboxes after migration ?
I read over this :
This would work perfectly, except that the new installation has been up and running for a week already. 
- A week ago we shut down the old location (Texas)
- Installed Smarter mail on the new servers (Hawaii)
- Then all of the domains and user email account were manually created in the new servers (to avoid down time and bounces) and have been receiving mail the entire time (but no user access - so no sub folders, everything is in each inbox)
- Today, we finally got the DOMAIN files from our previous host.
Followed the instructions in the link above, but the only thing that showed up were the old emails.  Nothing from this past week
I am assuming the culprits are :
"segments.gen" in the "Index" directory
"mailbox.cfg" in the "inbox". 
Those appear to be the only 2 files that have the potential to overwrite. Pretty much ever other file in the User accounts appear to be unique (nice design smarter mail guys) 
The "root,cfg" in the "mail" folder file looks like it is only mailbox subfolders structure. so not concerned with that.
So do Smarter People at Smarter Tools have some type of Smarter Mail utility that i can download and run to merge 2 directories (current email and backup email) ?
Or is there another way of doing this that does NOT involve firing up another server and having one retrieve mail from the other ?
Thanks !

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Webio Replied
Maybe this will help you:
you should try to use Rebuild folder function.

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