Better message moving between folders when using webmail
Problem reported by Webio - 7/1/2015 at 3:40 AM
I would like to suggest idea (or start discussion) to make moving messages (large number of them) between folders more bulletproof. I had situations where moving messages between folders caused timeout of webmail.
I'm not sure how it was handled by SM mail service but it looked this way (example from today):
  1. Webmail at the beggining after drag and dropping messages between folders was showing loading gif
  2. After some time loading gif dissapeared and I've returned to messages list with all selected messages without any information if they where moved or not.
  3. So from client side it looks like nothing happend but when I was looking at folder size in user mailbox folder new folder to which messages where moved was using more and more space so mail service was moving this messages in background without any information about this process in webmail. I'm not sure what could happen when client would mark messages again and move them again in destination folder.
  4. Source folder had size 1686MB, destination folder was almost empty. When webmail was not showing any activity destination folder ended up with ... 3372MB size. For some reason messages where duplicated (from source 3666 messages I've ended with 7347 messages in destionation - Inbox - folder).
  5. Interesting thing that even messages which where originally in destination folder has been duplicated.
My suggestion here is that moving messages should be:
  • from the beggining until the end monitored from webmail
  • messages should be moved between folders in small batches with showing in webmail number of items left for moving
  • messages between folders should be moved during moving process (for example my situation ended with Inbox folder using 3372MB and source folder using 1686MB). When messages would be moved in more controlled way I would not end with no information in webmail and with proper not duplicated inbox folder and empty source folder
  • moving process should be cancellable (message moving process with Cancel button)
I hope someone from SM ST devs can confirm if this will be implemented.
EDIT: IMHO similar situation is with deleting messages (moving messages to Trash). Marking large number of messages and deleting them is starting with GIF showing that something is going on then webmail is returning to messages list which are still selected for deletion. There also should be progress showing what number of messages where moved to trash with Cancel button.

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sagar wani Replied
have you found any solution on this problem? we are also facing the similer issue with one of our client and she is furious with us. when she moves large no. of emails from one folder to another, the duplicates emails get created on both the folders.
Webio Replied
Nope. But since then probably none of my clients (or they just didn't reported that) was not making such a move between folders.

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