Does mail marked as SPAM still get Clam scanned?
Question asked by Brian Ellwood - 6/30/2015 at 5:05 AM
If a message is marked SPAM does it still get ClamAV scanned?
We had a user open a Word doc that was attached to a message in their junk mail which ended up being infected (straight doc file attached, not inside a zip file)
While the headers show it was marked for SPAM, nothing indicates the Word doc was scanned for viruses.
I'm running 13.3.5535, "Enabled ClamAV", last update "6/30/2015 4:06:48 AM"
I am not running ClamSUP.
Does ClamAV write a header for having checked a message/attachment(s)?
Any thoughts?

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Brian Ellwood Replied
FWIW Clams SIGS don't show it as a virus so that sums up why it didnt get caught.
I'm holding out for v14 to fix the issues with ClamAV before pushing up but I'm wonder if ClamSUP would have caught this?

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