ActiveSync Not Auto-Sync'ing with Outlook 2013 / SM v14 Ent
Problem reported by CCWH - June 29, 2015 at 8:27 AM
Hello all,
Since we upgraded to SM14 we have seen an issue on our ActiveSync accounts when being used with Outlook 2013.  In essence, they don't sync automatically...or they are very very slow to sync at the very least.
We have completed tests with Outlook 2013 against a couple of Android phones.  The emails are instantly pushed to the phones, however Outlook 2013 client will sit quietly saying All Folders Are Up To Date.  If the option for send/receive mail is set to 5 minutes then sure enough within 5 minutes the mail is delivered. It also picks up the mail on a manual send/receive.
Any one else having this issue?
Just to note, we are still on 14.0.5637 (Enterprise) on all SM servers, however I cannot see any fixes for ActiveSync with Office/Android on the most up to date patch (14.0.5647)...even though we have the patch planned for this weekend.
Any help/guidance would be great!

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