Cannot change password on Community Site
Problem reported by Richard Hauer - 6/21/2015 at 5:47 PM
When I signed up for the Community Site (via email) I was told my password could be changed later, but I cannot see where to go to change my password?
There is no place on the "My Settings" page, which is the obvious location.

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Employee Replied
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Hi Richard,
Your login to the community is tied to our billing system.  If you want to change your password go to https://account.smartertools.com and login.  Then go to Account Settings and you can change you password.  This will update the community password also.
Richard Hauer Replied
Will check that out - thanks.
Perhaps a message to this effect on the "My Settings" page would be a good idea?
Brian Ellwood Replied
Thumbs up to that!

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