Can't delete login display
Problem reported by cd - 6/21/2015 at 11:10 AM
I was playing around with the General Settings: Login Display a couple days ago. After deciding not to change anything but the text it was OK. I just updated to the newest version and now it's not only showing the SmarterMail logo but also the example string and the old logo I uploaded. I can't get rid of the login display.

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FlexWS Replied
Maybe a stupid question, but the checkmark below the logo is off?

The logo could go away by pressing the recurring icon on top of the logo (don't ask me why it is recurring, but that helped for me)
cd Replied
When I save from the Login Display panel it's writing to the c:/program files (x86)/smartertools/smartermail/service/companyInfo.xml and when I open it in notepad it looks like any change I made was written. The odd thing to me is that if I double-click on it it doesn't show me the same settings. I'm set up through IIS and have the smartermail server disabled. The culprit file seems to be companyInfo.xml in the c:\smartermail/domains/ directory. I've tried to edit it with notepad run as administrator and it still won't allow. I tried to post images in this post but says I don't have permission.You can see the images by going to somuch.com and typing fs-settings.png and fs-screen.png at the end of the URL.
cd Replied
Weird! Not all of a sudden after saving, changing, saving etc. it's finally worked. Should it have really taken about 3-4 hours to update? The custom login text still hasn't changed to what I wanted but I can live with that. Thanks for your help
Bruce Barnes Replied
Sounds like you were seeing a cached copy in your browser.
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cd Replied
Yes, I can see how it would look like that on your end. But, I was conscious of that. After clearing cache in chrome, IE multiple times and even going as far as using one of my VM browsers that had never been to the email web site I know it wasn't that.

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