Question asked by Dale DeWitt - 6/20/2015 at 5:23 PM
Hello All,
  I put SmarterMail Version - 14.0.5647 on the server -- I can not seem to find the dropbox additions..
I login as a user, start a new email, hit the link from button and only see smartermail file storage..

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Bruce Barnes Replied
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Did you add your Dropbox account via SETTINGS ===> CONNECTED SERVICES before attempting to add a file to the e-mail message you were composing?
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Dale DeWitt Replied
That got it... Thanks!
kevind Replied
Here's a suggestion that might make this more intuitive.  Move the Connected Services out of Settings into the File Storage tab off the main menu.
In the Actions menu, you could create a new cloud service just like a new folder.  Show the various cloud services in the folder tree just like drive letters in Windows.

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