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Idea shared by Charles - 6/19/2015 at 11:27 PM
I think plus addresses is a great feature that I will use from now on. I will give a different email to each website asking one which is a great way to identify who leaks my email to spammers and filter spam by recipient address.
But the problem is what if I want to send an email to that website or respond to an email from that website? I do not want to use the real email, I want to use the same plus address I am known by.
It would be great to be able to use a plus address as a "from" address when composing an email.

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Please note that a smart spammer would remove everything after the plus sign, so you still don't know who leaked it.

However, for direct folder routing of your incoming messages it could be helpfull to use a plus from address.

Another way to track who is leaking your account it to create aliases.
But here also, you still need to have them added as from addresses.
I agree, I would prefer a system of permanent anonymous address, with a key that I can associate to a website name for instance. Aliases are not really private. And you can't send an email with an alias as a from address.

I am currently using aliases and I had to create a database outside of smartermail to keep track of what alias is associated with what website and what real email.
Seems like maybe the plus address and the new temp address feature could be expanded to included this.

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