SM 14.0.5647 Check your ClamAV process!
Problem reported by Joe Wolf - 6/19/2015 at 6:11 AM
I don't have a lot of time right now, but if you were using ClamSup before SM 14.0.5647 please check the following.
#1  Open your Task Manager (on the SM server of course) and see if clamd.exe is running.  There's a good chance it's not running.  If not then you'll have to follow the following instructions.
#2  Open your ...SmarterMail/Service/Clam/Share/clamav folder and make sure the signatures are populated.  If the folder is empty do the following.
#3  If your clamd.exe was running and the signatures were populated you don't need to do anything.  But if not you need to continue with the following steps.
#4  Open your ...SmarterMail/Service/Clam/etc/freshclam.conf and copy the five lines starting with "DatabaseCustomURL http://www.securiteinfo.com/get/signatures/" and either save them to a text file or just leave them in the clipboard.
#5 Stop the SmarterMail service and kill the clamd.exe process if it's running.  The DELETE the entire ....SmarterMail/Service/Clam folder.  The issue a "iisreset" at a command prompt.
#6 Do a repair install of SmarterMail 14.0.5647.
#7 Once it's reinstalled and running check to make sure clamd.exe is running in the Task Manager and take a look at the SmarterMail/Service/Clam/Share/clamav folder and make sure SmarterMail is downloading and populating the base and ClamSup signatures (this may take a while).  If nothing happens try a manual update of ClamAV in the Admin interface.
#8  SmarterTools has removed the Securiteinfo signatures from ClamSup.  To add them back in just edit your ...SmarterMail/Service/Clam/etc/freshclam.conf  and add back in the 5 likes we copied in step #4 above.  Then do a manual update in the Admin interface and you should see the Securiteinfo signatures being updated (may take a few minutes).
I'll try and get into more detail later, but right now many of you may be running with no antivirus protection at all if the clad.exe is not running.

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Steve Reid Replied
Just letting you know I have been keeping up with your changes and ClamAV is running fine for us on two boxes.

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