Feature request: Domain-level IP whitelisting / blacklisting
Idea shared by John Grzeskowiak - 6/17/2015 at 3:15 PM
Was sad to learn that Smartermail, as used by my ISP v13.2, does not allow domain-level whitelisting or blacklisting - strongly recommend this be added to the next version.
That said, perhaps someone knows of another way to accomplish the same end goal:
Our ISP hosts 20 email accounts for our company (shared host).
Spam is killing us, 80k+ spam messages per month.
Began using SpamArrest a few years ago (our MX record points to them) - up until recently, this worked great.
Spammers have now taken to sending their trash directly to our domain, bypassing SpamArrest.
Could fix if we could whitelist the five IP's that SpamArrest forwards our mail from (Blacklist everything else).
BUT, not an option since SmarterMail only allows server-level white/black listing.
Only other option that comes to mind is paying for a full VPS to host our email - perhaps someone here knows of other, more reasonable options...
Thanks - John G

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You need to find another host. SmarterMail has excellent spam filtering, but it sounds like your current ISP doesn't have it configured very well.
There are many good ISPs that hang out in this forum, including ourselves.  If you're interested in switching I guarantee we could significantly reduce or even eliminate the spam delivered to your Inbox without having to use a service like SpamArrest.
The problem is, I don't know how to contact you off-list (or post my info).  Let me know if you're interested in trying it out and I'll figure out a way to contact you.
Hi Kevin,
I don't doubt that my ISP may be 'somewhat lacking' in optimally configuring SmarterMail for best spam rejection.  
I also appreciate your offer, and may wind up taking you up on it.  But first, and solely in the interest of not having to reconfigure a slew of company computers and employee's mobile devices, I'm going to speak with my ISP and see if they can carve off a simple, email-only VPS for a reasonable fee.  
Then we'll have our own instance of SM that I can configure - and potentially drop SpamArrest it sounds like (cost savings here would easily fund the VPS).  Would really appreciate if you or someone else could point me towards some documentation that details the optimum spam-killing config for SM v13.2.
Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
Bruce has pretty good document that you could implement.
He has a pdf file linked on that page.
Matt Petty
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SmarterTools Inc.
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