SmarterMail as Domain Forward
Question asked by Manuel - 6/11/2015 at 1:41 AM
I would like to use SmarterMail mail server exposed to the Internet to receive mail for my customer who have "in house" an exchange server, and do not want to expose this to internet.

SmarterMail free configured as Incoming Gateway with mode "domain forward" should be right for this, right ?

I must then specify which domain to forward to the server end (in my case the domain on the Exchange server to the customer) ?
If I want to have a second SmarterMail server, as a matter of high avaibility, this second server I configure it as a backup mx or even as this incoming gateway mode domain forward?
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Webio Replied
On my end I have 3 incoming/outgoing gateways + 1 offsite incoming only gateway which are forwarding messages to one main smartermail instance which is not present in MX domain configuration (only gateways are configured in DNS zones with MX records). All of gateways use domain forwarding with user verification as a smartermail gateway mode using webservice). I think you can just configure two domain forwarding SmarterMail instances and point them to client Exchange server.

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