SmarterMail causing server problems?
Question asked by Giovanni Zomer - June 7, 2015 at 12:53 AM
We are actually hosting two licenses of SmarterMail; one server is running with version 12 and didn't have problems up to now. The other one was installed 10 days ago on a new server (VPS) with the newer version 13.
We are experiencing very much problems with that server, and the hosting service says it is not a hardware problem neither a problem of the OS. They say it is probably a software problem.
As this VPS runs nothing but Smartermail, it should be Smartermail the one causing the problem.
The problem is that the VPS gets unreachable after 2-3 actiivity. And it is then to be restarted (which is very complicated, as we need to call the hosting service, and it lasts 2-3 hours before the service is online again!).
We have been using Smartermail maybe ten years now, and didn't experience any problem like that before.
So I'm wondering: is there anybody out there experiencing problems like that? Should we install version 12 on this new machine? Or is it a hardware incompatibilty?
Every information is really appreciated ... we are getting troubles with our customers if the stability goes on like that.

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It's not really diagnosing the problem to suggest that the main app on the server is causing the problem. Do you have any evidence that SM is causing a problem?  Have you researched your SM and machine logs to see what's happening?
If it takes your VPS provider 2-3 hours to bounce your server, I think you've found the problem.  Many of us here are running 13.x on VPS's with no problems.  It sounds to me like you need a new VPS host.  And you should find one who allows you to remotely reboot your server.

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