How to import from PST file
Question asked by Kenneth Knudsen - 6/1/2015 at 11:19 AM
When a user creates subfolders in their inbox (stored locally) and after the migration we try to copy these to the Smartermail account in Outlook 2013 we are not able to do so.
Then we tried to export these folders and mail to a PST file, and then import them from the file.
We just get a message saying:
The service provider does not support it
What are the setting allowing the user to import from a file?

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Steve Reid Replied
You can add Smartermail account as IMAP in Outlook and copy the folders manually.
I don't think you can import from PST
Paul Blank Replied
How about Transcend Migrator:
I've worked with this in the past, but have no recent experience:

Kenneth Knudsen Replied
we will try this option.... we'll post here later.... thx for answering!
William Lolli Replied
Transend does not have a product dedicated to SmarterMail migration.

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