smtp authentification in emailclient required
Problem reported by Giovanni Zomer - 5/28/2015 at 12:37 AM
Our email server is configured to NOT require SMTP authentication, but still we are not able to sent emails without the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" checked; otherwise we receive the error message          550 < > No such user here
how can that be?
On another server (also with Smartmail) with the same configuration this problem doesn't appear.

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Bruce Barnes Replied
If you don't require SMTP authentication, then many servers will reject your e-mail because you are an OPEN RELAY, more commonly known as SPAMMER HEAVEN. Many modern e-mail servers now look for an "authenticated as" line in the message header. They also look for DomainKey and DKIM entries, and compare them against the DNS records for the domain. These are modern antispam tools, and help eliminated the, more than, 95% of the e-mail traffic which is junk mail so it doesn't clog up in boxes and waste people's time Setup your SmarterMail servers to require SMTP authentication for EVERY message zent through them, by EVERY DOMAIN, and EVERY USER ACCOUNT, or your e-mail will be rejected by all of tge large providers, spammers will discovwr your resources, and your IP ADDRESSES will be black listed in every spam database.
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