Feature request: Indexing based on webmail usage (perform first indexing when user will log in first time to webmail)
Idea shared by Webio - 5/26/2015 at 9:18 PM
what do you think about having Indexing disabled for mailbox which never been used by webmail and enabling Indexing for this mailbox when user will log in first time to it using webmail?

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Webio, this idea has been added to our features request list for further consideration by the dev. team.
Any news here? IMHO a lot of users are not using webmail so there is no need for indexing their mailboxes and use CPU on SmarterMail system. Indexing could also be disabed when user didn't logged in to webmail after lets say 1 month. What do you think? Keep in mind that indexins is using CPU and uses disk read/write resources so this could speed things a little on high volume SmarterMail servers.
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Indexing is important, useful and yes, has some impact on server performance. However, indexing is crucial across all areas of the product as it allows us to “consolidate” information so we don’t have to cycle through every message and all the headers in an user’s inbox when they, for example, perform a search. Take a customer using EAS on a mobile device. This is a server query, not a local query. Without the index, we have to go through all messages, which would destroy the performance of the mail server PLUS take forever for that user to see a result. That said, indexing is tuned for extremely large servers, which enables us to accommodate many domains and many users on a single box. 

As an aside, here's a great Community post on improving disk i/o for SmarterMail that others may find useful: http://portal.smartertools.com/Main/frmThread.aspx?threadid=87919

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Does SmarterMail allows to perform IMAP server side search? I was wondering about how big/small impact on server disk I/O has indexing only of users messages.

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