SM 13 Spool issue
Problem reported by Johnny Loh - May 22, 2015 at 6:59 AM
upgrade SM to V13.4 version. 
The spool keep filling up with emails that are "This message no longer exists on this server."
There is no eml files. only hdr in the spool folders. 
Delete all the hdr in spools and restart SM. The emails will all come back. The status show it is "receiving".
The spool will keep increasing until it hang up the SM service. Cannot send or receive. However, the telnet to SMTP works well. Anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue ?
No AV installed. ASpam commtouch also "untick". custom rule "untick". No remote MailAss or AV. no AV commandline either. This is originally a working mail server. no issue no DNS or FW. ( Windows FW also off )
After troubleshooting for 2 days and no hints what causing this. 
It will works again after restarting SM service but after a while it will stop "delivery". SMTP ok. Spool seem to be the one who hang up.   :(

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What do your logs say? Make sure they have already been set to detailed.

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