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Problem reported by Nicolas Le Merle - 5/22/2015 at 5:45 AM
Hi Guys,
I hope I don't confuse the situation with the below, but can someone advise if this is a tiny bug or if its as expected.
A user (Joe Soap) has 1 primary Domain = (primarydomain.com) and 1 domain Alias (secondarydomain.com) and is using the webmail client.
An incoming email addressed to @primarydomain.com comes in and it has some CC recipients. Joe Soap <@primarydomain.com> clicks "Reply All' and the reply window opens with the sender and all recipients populated in the to: & cc: fields
An incoming email addressed to @secondarydomain.com comes in and has some CC recipients. Joe Soap <@secondarydomain.com> clicks "Reply All'  and the reply window opens with the sender and all recipients populated in the to: & cc: fields, but.. secondarydomain.com gets included as a recipient as well.
So when a user has added a domain alias, they will be presented with a drop down allowing them to send as @primarydomain.com or @secondarydomain.com
When replying to an email that was sent to  @secondarydomain.com SmarterMail intelligently auto populates the FROM email to @secondarydomain.com however when the user click Reply All it always includes the domain alias ? Is this because SmarterMail is considering the domain alias a recipient ?

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Merle Wait Replied
How weird, we have dozens of alias domains... and that doesn't happen.
So an email comes in to me at   mdwat@domainalias.com   from you   LeMerle@yourdomain.com
I Reply all
What I see is:
  From: mdwat@domainalias.com
  To:   LeMerle@yourdomain.com,  mdwat@domainalias.com
 We are running current 13.3x   of SM
Nicolas Le Merle Replied
Exactly, so mdwat@domainalias.com is being added to the To: field when it shouldn't ?
Merle Wait Replied
Gotcha... thats true...  It has always happened to us (which so maybe that is NOT one of those 'features").
Never even thought about it.. just thought that was the SM worked.
I defer to "smarter" folks   <grin>
Nicolas Le Merle Replied
Yup :) why would you want to email yourself lol
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Nicolas, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I was able to replicate the problem. The correct behavior should not include the user's own aliased name in the TO field after a Reply To All command.  This has been add to our bugs list.  I am also changing this from a Question thread to a Problem thread.

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